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About the Company

SvTech was formed in January 1993, initially to satisfy a demand for Vehicle Downplating.

SvTech specialise in matters relating to Vehicle Type Approval, with particular emphasis on braking systems.

SvTech offers technical support to motorhome converters in the United Kingdom and Europe. Their customer base encompasses all the major vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, truck dealers, vehicle conversion specialists and the general public.

Why would anyone wish to re-rate a vehicle?

There are a number of answers to this question

  • Because my vehicle will not carry sufficient payload and I do not wish to change it for a bigger one unless absolutely necessary
  • Because I cant afford to change it
  • Because I am paying a higher rate of excise duty than I need to
  • Because I want someone to drive it who does not have a C1 licence.

Uprating your motorhome

SvTech can up-rate most makes and models of motorhome

They have carried out dynamic brake testing on huge variety of models to create precedent reports, against which they can offer uprates to give the user as much as 500kg of extra payload. Obviously each make and model is different, but they are confident in being able to help you.

SvTech can provide a one-stop service, advising you on your options and if needed, uprating your motorhome. They can also supply air assisted suspension systems.

Downrating your motorhome

There are now an increasing number of motorhome users who would have passed their driving test after 1997. This means that they will not have a C1 category on their licence, so unable to drive motorhomes with a Maximum Gross Weight of over 3500kg.

Also, when a driver reaches the age of 70, they must apply to renew their C1 entitlement, otherwise they are restricted to driving motorhomes at a maximum GVW of 3500kg

SvTech’s specialist technology enables them to provide technical support to people modifying various types of vehicles, including many with Electronic Brake Systems and they are approved by VOSA and vehicle manufacturers.

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Chandler House
Talbot Road
PR25 2ZF
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Contact the office on:
01772 621800

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