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  1. Pearman Briggs – Caravans

    Pearman Briggs is one of the oldest established caravan retail and service centres in England, operating for over fifty years. It has been acknowledged by caravan manufacturers as one of the best in the country.

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  2. Coachman Caravans – VIP

    Coachman Caravans have maintained their reputation for excellent craftsmanship and high quality build and design for over thirty yea

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  3. Buccaneer Caravans

    From Buccaneer there are five models
    Every Buccaneer Caravan is built using the SoLiD construction method.
    SoLiD is strong, SoLiD is light, SoLiD is dry

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  4. Compass Caravans

    From Compass Caravans there are three ranges,- 
    Camino, Casita and Capiro
    Every Compass Caravan is built using the SoLiD construction method

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  5. Davan Caravans & Motorhomes

    With their 80th anniversary in 2016 Davan Caravans are still owned and run by the Davies family and are now believed to be the Oldest Caravan Retailer in the UK.

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  6. Elddis Caravans

    From Elddis Caravans there are three ranges:
    Avante, Affinity and Crusader
    Every Elddis Caravan is built using the SoLiD construction method.

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  7. Eriba Caravans

    The luxurious Nova models are the ranges of the present day.
    Eriba caravans have shaped a whole industry for almost six decades.

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  8. Knaus Caravans

    Knaus Tabbert GmbH are renowned manufacturers of Touring Caravans and Motorhomes. Knaus have been building caravans in Jandelsbrunn, Southern Bavaria, since 1960 and are nowadays Germany’s favourite Touring Caravan brand.

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  9. Weinsberg Caravans

    Weinsberg Caravans are the best value for money Touring Caravans in the UK. In being particularly sensitive to the needs of families, to innovative ideas and an outstanding price-performance ratio, Weinsberg managed to bring the wind of change to their sector.

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