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Looking forward to the Summer – email newsletter sent

A year ago when I sent out a newsletter like this one it was all about coming to join us on our stand at the big NEC Caravan & Camping Show that was coming up in February after January shows in Manchester, Peterborough and Exeter as well as other events in Somerset and Glasgow.

Little did we know what was about to hit us!

We did have a great time at the February Show talking to plenty of our regular followers and many many new and prospective Caravan, Motorhome and Campervan owners all looking forward to forthcoming adventures.

Then March came along, lockdown and a temporary stop to everything.

However, as we got into Spring and Summer things opened up and sales of Campervans, Motorhomes and Caravans went mad with more and more people joining us with Staycations and almost every pitch on every site in the UK getting booked up.

It could well follow a similar pattern this year with vaccines being dished out on time and the current lockdown working.
One would expect there will be opportunities to use your leisure vehicle in time for Easter.
Good Friday is 2nd April. I have even booked campsites myself for the first week of April!

Now is good planning time to be ready for when we can all get out and about.

Habitation Servicing

Also a good time to get your service and habitation check booked.
Every year all the mobile engineers (and dealer based centres)
get snowed under with enquiries just as
Easter approaches and then have long lead times.

Book now and get the date that suits YOU.

Use this Link
to find one of the 500 or so Service Engineers right near you.


Has your Motorhome, Caravan or Campervan got a Warranty at the moment?

Has the Manufacturer’s Warranty expired? Or is it about to?

Or did you buy privately with no Warranty?

Engineer Aftercare is well worth a look at provided you have had a recent Habitation and Mechanical Service and your vehicle is not extremely old.

Prices are just £199 per year for a caravan or £279 for a motorhome.

Well worth it for peace of mind covering a lot of items in your mobile home from home.

Link here for all the details

MOT expired?

Last year there were some six month extensions given to MOTs for Campervans and Motorhomes.
That grace period is now over.

Check your MOT expiry date HERE

Fire Extinguishers

Did you know that your fire extinguisher deteriorates with age and has a Use By Date?

Have you checked yours?

Extinguish Fire Solutions are the experts and will have the right product for you.

Link here to find all about Extinguish Fire Solutions

Getting Your Clothes Dry

Balcondry have come up with the best premium Multi-Functional Portable Clothes Dryer or Airer ever created.

Lightweight and Compact with No Permanent Fixtures it can be Attached or Dismantled in Seconds.

All about Balcondry HERE

KTG Caravans & Campers

From Small Replacements to Large Renovations or Camper Conversions KTG will help you find what you need.

Whether it’s to replace a broken part of your caravan or to refurbish its interior, KTG offer spares and parts from all well known (and lesser known) caravan and motorhomes brands.

Find all about KTG HERE

The 2021 Motorhome & Caravan Shows
All the Shows are HERE —

Always up to date as soon as we know of any changes