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World of Motorhomes

Electric Campervans, Spare Parts, a Servicing Survey and Summer Motorhome Shows

Four shows have already taken place, four more over the next couple of months. Two great sources for Spare Parts and how Wellhouse Leisure can get you into Electric Campervans.


Electric Powered Campervans

Whilst it will take longer for there to be any serious battery powered coachbuilt motorhomes, smaller electric campervans are about to come on stream.

Leading the way is Wellhouse Leisure………

Last year the Vauxhall Vivaro Blighty was launched based on the Elite spec giving every gadget and feature you get on a modern car.
Now joined by the Vauxhall Vivaro Blighty Electric having a 75kWh battery giving a range of up to 205 miles.
To fully charge the battery from zero 11 hours is needed, but a rapid charge to 80% can be achieved in 45 minutes.


Also, about to be launched is the LEVC e-Camper.
Based on the VN5, LEVC’s new electric van, the e-Camper has the same pure EV range of over 60 miles with a total flexible range of 304 miles and is designed for those who want to both protect and enjoy the outdoor environment.


Its zero emissions capability delivers a low carbon footprint and its innovative range extender technology allows owners to travel off the beaten track, where there is none or limited charging infrastructure with complete peace of mind.
At the same time, owners can operate in zero emissions mode, ideal for the campsite and also even powering the integrated electric kitchen without the need for fossil fuels.


Habitation Servicing

Sometimes forgotten until the last minute or when something goes wrong is a check and/or a service on the domestic end of your caravan or motorhome.

That is the gas system, electrical systems, water system and more. The other ‘MOT’ you should have.

There is a fairly short Industry Survey to better understand how people view these checks.

Link to the Survey HERE

Spare Parts

We get a lot of enquiries about where to obtain various spare parts for motorhomes or caravans.

These can be internal fittings or furniture items or indeed bodywork panels or trim.


With the global supply chain problems at the moment you may find that your local dealer or manufacturer will struggle to supply, particularly if your ‘van is more than a few years old.

Two companies who who specialise in this area are KTG Caravans & Campers and ES Hartley Leisure Spares.

Worth contacting them if your need a replacement for something that may have broken.


The Shows

So far four Shows have successfully taken place at The New Forest, Harrogate, Peterborough and Stoneleigh.

Over the next couple of months we have Newbury, Stratford upon Avon, Norfolk and Malvern to look forward to.

Due to the high demand over the last 18 months and at the same time reduced factory capacity it has been noticeable that the quantity of actual vehicles on show is severely reduced.
But there are still plenty of accessories to see and Live Entertainment is coming back.


We enjoyed seeing a great Live Performance from The Sweet and then Suzi Quatro recently at the Peterborough Show.

Looking forward to the weekend entertainment package of comedy and music at the Stratford upon Avon show in a few week’s time!

All the latest up to date Show info is Here: