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About the Company

Qualkem’s history started with Robert Frazer and Doug Holt founding Repclif Chemical Services Ltd in July 1971. Robert was a Chemical Engineer and Doug an Industrial Chemist. Prior both worked for the Wellcome Foundation in Crewe, Cheshire.

As one of the oldest manufacturers of toilet additives, it seemed logical to launch a range of Motorhome and Caravan toilet chemicals for the camping and caravanning sector.

First of all the 40shot range which has been specially developed for the market, formulated to be:

  • Specialist Motorhome and Caravan toilet chemicals and cleaning products
  • Environmentally friendly, being pH neutral, biodegradable and Formaldehyde free
  • Space and weight saving bottle with an accurate dosing chamber to save waste and money
  • Built-in water softeners for hard water areas to ensure the product works at it best and combats limescale

Furthermore the Proshot range has been developed to ensure that leisure vehicle owners have everything to maintain their pride and joy inside and out.
As a result Qualkem has developed a full range of handy trigger sprays, cleaners and wet heating additives.

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