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Whether it is a compact one for quick tours, a large one with an alcove for the whole family or a fully equipped edition model. At WEINSBERG, you will find the right vehicle for your dream camping holiday. With a special feeling for the needs of families, innovative ideas and an outstanding price-performance ratio, WEINSBERG has succeeded in bringing a breath of fresh air into the industry.

Every WEINSBERG motorhome offers extensive equipment options and many flexible layouts – so that you can tailor it even more individually to your needs. 

The Range

  • WEINSBERG CaraLoft – A generous all-rounder.
    The semi-integrated offers a continious 2.15 m headroom and a huge load capacity. Its concept makes the CaraLoft the ideal vehicle for couples and convinces with its outstanding feeling of space.
  • WEINSBERG CaraSuite – A comfortable size.
    With its fantastic headroom and practical lifting bed, the CaraSuite offers plenty of space for great holiday experiences. The many sleeping possibilities and cosy ambience make it the ideal family or multi-generation vehicle.
  • WEINSBERG Cara Compact – A speedy companion.
    The CaraCompact is the agile and slim semi-integrated in the van class of WEINSBERG and provides the best driving dynamics on all roads. In the interior, it offers exceptional space, clever details and flexible solutions. Also available as EDITION [PEPPER] with extensive equipment and convenient chassis features!
  • WEINSBERG CaraHome – Mobile family home.
    With its alcove and the well thought out layout, the CaraHome offers enough space for beautiful travel experiences. Depending on the layout, it accommodates between 4 to 6 berths.
  • WEINSBERG CaraCore – Style-conscious trendsetter.
    The fully integrated (A Class) CaraCore skilfully combines utility with design and offers an impressive sense of space, high quality materials and an extraordinary driving comfort. 
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