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[email protected] – Knaus Tabbert

About the Company

In 2004, [email protected] was launched under the umbrella of Knaus Tabbert, one of Germany’s leading touring caravan and motorhome manufacturers.

[email protected], the caravan with a concise silhouette and a modern retro-design attracts attention and enjoys a cult status. Even though it has a compact form, it surprises with a surprisingly generous interior and intelligent details.

The lean range of models with the two basic shapes symbolise the clear direction of the brand.

The Range

  • [email protected] BASIC – CLEAR, STRUCTURED, DISCREET. Attention, lovers of purism: [email protected] captivates without bells and whistles. It does so simply through its striking form and the beautifully customised interior design. Discrete coolness always works!
  • [email protected] MEXICAN SUNSET – ALL EYES ON ME! You don’t mind getting some secret glances? Then you need the [email protected] MEXICAN SUNSET! The colourful graphic prints ensure a good mood and attracting attention is guaranteed. The Latino of caravanning!
  • [email protected] METROPOLIS – WOULD YOU LIKE A LITTLE EXTRA? The [email protected] METROPOLIS impresses with its discreet style elements such as the dark frame and the matching graphic prints. Be a shining star on the campsite and the road with urban chic!
  • [email protected] OFFROAD – DISTINCTIVE AND STRONG-WILLED. Have you fallen for more gritty vehicles? Does your heart beat faster at the sight of jeeps and SUVs? Then, we have just the right caravan for you! The [email protected] OFFROAD with its brawny applications, big tires and off-road type features is designed just as you like it.

TaB, the ideal micro caravan

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[email protected] - Knaus Tabbert
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