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Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship

About the Company

We are a Christian holiday fellowship established in all regions of the British Isles.

The CCCF is an interdenominational Fellowship and is not connected with any other caravan or camping organisation, or any church denomination. However most Christian denominations are represented by our members.

The Fellowship is divided into regions which enable easier administration and give greater control to members as to where they hold their rallies. These Rallies may be just day rallies in the winter, week end rallies all round the year, or holiday rallies over several weeks. All rallies are open to all members.

If you enjoy holidays in the open air, like peace and quiet, or lots of family fun and you want to share weekends and holidays with people for whom Jesus is Lord, then the CCCF is for you.

The CCCF is registered as a Charitable Trust and was founded in 1969.

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Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship
Mem Sec:Pauline Sutehall
4 Townshend Terrace
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Contact the office on:
0845 456 1637

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