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About the Company

Inspired by the France Passion scheme, Brit Stops is a network of hosted pit stops all over Britian, where Motorhome tourists can rest, stop over, meet local people and enjoy local produce.

Brit Stops operates on a no-charge basis, with no fees to stay with each host, but the opportunity to browse their wares and discover new things.
Local retailers of home-grown produce have always been aware that it’s not just the undoubted freshness and quality of their produce that sets them apart, it’s also the personal touch offered to their customers, and it’s that personal touch and freshness that you motorhome enthusiasts often miss out on during your travels.

  • Brit Stops promotes a positive relationship between motorhome owners and local producers
  • Improves recognition and understanding of Britain’s regional products and traditions
  • Promotes the diversity and richness of Britain’s different regions
  • Encourages sustainable tourism through links with local communities

Your host will be your experienced guide through the tastes and sensations of local produce that, either being sourced locally or even being made on the premises, is as fresh as it can possibly get.

For lovers of the countryside it’s now easier than ever to stay in the heart of rural communities and experience a truly authentic holiday.

There are hundreds of Brit Stops located all over the UK and now including Irish Stops for Ireland. On your travels around Britain with Brit Stops you can expect to find:

  • Seaside pubs
  • Family-run farms
  • Beauty spots
  • Dairy farms with home-made yoghurt and ice cream
  • Independant breweries
  • Award-winning vineyards
  • Picturesque thatched villages

A comprehensive guide to every Brit Stop host location is available to purchase from the Brit Stops website, with directions, list of facilities at each location and information on what you’ll find there.

Contact the office on:
07873 416899‬

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