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Ego Scooter

About the Company

The eGoScooter, a Premium Electric Scooter was created to combine the best of both worlds:
The quality and durability you would expect from a practical transportation device, coupled with the stylish design to set it apart from the competition. eGoScooter is an electric scooter that is fashionable, reliable and sustainable.

It has a 300 Watt Brushless Motor, needs no petrol, has no emissions. with a cost of 1p per mile to run.

The eGoScooter was created with the intent of perfection in mind., paying attention to every detail both practical and cosmetic to make the eGoScooter the ultimate riding experience. 

Electric scooters aren’t just a product to use – they are an experience and a lifestyle.

The eGoScooter is a fantastic electric scooter for so many different applications.

First and foremost, it’s an excellent alternative to traditional transportation by car or bike.
Unlike the clunky nature of bikes, or the environmental impact of diesel and petrol cars, the eGoScooter is a comfortable and eco-conscious alternative.

eGoScooters are simple to ride, making it easy for anyone – young or old – to get started.

Just one movement to fold into a simple easy to store item the scooters are available in six colours, Black, Grey, Blue, Red, White or Yellow

The battery is removable and comes with a USB charger.

There are front and rear lights and front and rear brakes with regenerative braking.

Contact Details
249 Cranbrook Road
Contact the office on:
07912 334455‬

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