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Thetford and Thule RV Products start a distribution partnership in the Chinese RV market

Thetford and Thule RV Products start a distribution partnership in the Chinese RV market. Both companies have a shared ambition to claim pole position in their product range in China. Thule believes that Thetford, as a supplier with an established sales network in the Chinese RV market, is the solid partner required to accelerate its Chinese business development.

Win-win situation

Both Thetford and Thule aim for the sustainable growth of their businesses in China. Stéphane Cordeille, CEO at Thetford, states: “We believe in a solid partnership. Both Thule and Thetford are strong A-brands in the RV market and we do have similar company cultures, which is a boundary condition for a strong cooperation. This partnership will bring a win-win situation, for both our Chinese OEM’s and for the Thetford and Thule combination. Filip Van der Linden, Managing Director at Thule NV, fully agrees: ‘Thetford and Thule are complementary to each other. You could say, where Thetford is taking care of a big part of the inside of an RV, Thule is taking care of a large part of the outside.”

Joining forces

Thetford has an experienced team in China for years. Under the leadership of General Manager, Sam Yang, Thetford China has taken market leadership in sanitation and refrigeration and is showing strong structural growth. Thule shares Thetford’s belief in a Chinese RV market with strong growth potential and as such wishes to capitalize on the successful Chinese Thetford organisation and develop a leading position in the distribution of awnings and RV bike carriers. Hence, from September 2020, Thetford China will represent the Thule RV Products brand and product range in China and thus extend and strengthen its portfolio of A-brand products. Cordeille: “This will lead to even stronger ties with our Chinese OEM customers. By further developing the local team in China and joining forces between the two A-brands we expect to strengthen our position in this growing market.”

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