A Clear View - Truma LevelCheck shows filling level of the gas cylinder

Posted: 25 Apr 2012

"More comfort on the road" – Truma is once again living up to its own standards and is launching a new product that makes camping even more easy: The Truma LevelCheck.

This device shows the filling level of the gas cylinder and is very easy to operate.
The Truma LevelCheck is held horizontally against the gas cylinder. "The device uses ultrasound to establish whether there is liquid gas at the point on the gas cylinder at which it is held," explains product manager Nicolas Toomer. The status LED turns green if there is gas at the measuring point on the cylinder or red if there is no gas. "This means it is very easy to establish how full the gas cylinder is. The ultrasound measurement makes it very precise and reliable," says Toomer. Whilst the device is determining the filling level, the LED display flashes orange; the start and end of the measuring process is indicated by a beep tone.  

TheTruma LevelCheck is suitable for all propane and butane steel or aluminium gas cylinders with diameters between 200 and 350 mm. Nicolas Toomer: "It is a great help when camping or enjoying outdoor activities, for example when barbequing with gas." The practical LED torch that is integrated into the device is an added benefit.  

The Truma LevelCheck is available in retail stores in all EU countries from May 2012

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